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A travel technology event like no other
01 Jun 2023

The robot travel professional is born

Lato Travel App Stand: L81
The robot travel professional is born

You must have heard it already: Expedia just launched a chatbot based on ChatGPT to help travellers plan and book trips. Not-so-great news for us human travel professionals, you’d think? 

At Lato, we prefer to look at such technological evolutions positively. Better still: we were already ahead of Expedia. Lato integrated ChatGPT a while ago to help with travel professionals' day-to-day tasks. 

Use that robot as your assistant to

❎ translate travel proposals

❎ find and add fitting images

❎ describe activities and accommodations

… while you focus on creating human added value and

✅ work much faster

✅ take extra time to add a personal touch

✅ build a relationship with your customer

= WIN - WIN 🥳