• Added intelligence to the Travel Industry

    29 Jan 2018 Nick Williams from Sapphire Systems, an ABTA Partner
    A fine forecast? For many companies operating in the travel industry, the holy grail of doing business is successful forecasting, predicting with greater levels of accuracy where, when and how people ...
  • Virtual reality is bringing “try before you buy” to travel - and that’s a good thing!

    25 Jan 2018 Renee Tsielepi, Consultant of Transcendence Ltd
    So I’m not a gamer in any way, shape or form but I’m a huge fan of Virtual Reality (VR) especially travel VR. It’s the single most immersive experience to have, without actually physically being there ...
  • The Problems with Outsourcing

    22 Jan 2018 Jake Kimpton, Digital Engagement Strategist Headforwards
    Outsourcing can be a frightening prospect for many companies. Moving internal process and workloads over to a third-party organization isn’t a walk in the park. We are faced with a lot of difficult an ...
  • Meon Valley Delivers Streamlined Customer Experiences Using Freshdesk

    22 Jan 2018 George Hackett, Sales Manager, Freshworks
    For travel companies, customer experience will be the main priority in 2018 according to research by Travel Technology Europe. Improving areas like usability, support and ease of use around services c ...
  • The Importance of Great Travel User Experience

    16 Jan 2018 Paul Stephen, CEO Sagittarius Marketing.
    Creating a great user experience for consumers is an essential element of any travel brand’s website and is a fundamental feature of the overall customer journey. This experience is made up of three k ...
  • Consumer travel search with voice-assisted technology: Eliminating choice or fast-track to your dream destination?

    11 Jan 2018 Samantha Markham, Digital Marketing Manager, Hong Kong Tourism Board and Travel Technology Europe Advisory Panel Member
    Insights from the 2017 Accenture Digital Consumer Survey recently revealed that all age groups surveyed (ranging from 14yrs old up to 55yrs +) were either using, or interested in using, voice-enabled ...
  • Wanderpay – a year on from winning the Disrupt Award

    09 Jan 2018 Raphael Babalola, CEO Wanderpay
    This time last year I was waiting to hear if Wanderpay would be selected for the Travel Technology Europe Launchpad. I had no idea that not only would Wanderpay be selected but that we would win the c ...
  • Outcomes not output - how to deliver the right thing

    03 Jan 2018 Renee Tsielepi, Consultant of Transcendence Ltd.
    I recall one day being super proud of my agile teams, we’d finally got the secret sauce right – we were, as Jeff Sutherland’s masterful book stated achieving, “The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half ...
  • Changing a property management system – what to look for and the pitfalls to avoid

    18 Dec 2017 Jeff Swanson, Managing Director RMS Europe and Travel Technology Europe Advisory Board Member
    In the busy, data rich world that we live in, your guests (and potential guests) have a multitude of property options. They expect you to react to their requests and needs instantaneously, and if you ...