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Conference streams


TravelTech Show's conference programme will deliver forward-looking sessions in two thought-provoking theatres over two days. These sessions will cover the topics, challenges, and trends to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

With ten topic streams available, attendees can discuss with, debate and question some of the travel industry’s top leaders, suppliers, and specialists.

Read about the topic streams below.

With talent hard to come by and customers wanting to self-service, automation is one of the buzzwords for 2024.

What technologies and techniques are available to make interactions between travellers and travel companies smooth and seamless? Learn how to delight your customers

⭐NEW FOR 2024

Exploring the importance of a diverse and inclusive culture is essential for creating inclusive environments, enhancing business performance, and the needs of diverse consumers.

AI and machine learning have entered the mainstream and promise to help travel companies cut headcount, reduce costs and win new customers. How can the industry leverage its investment in this technology?

Inflation has become rampant in major markets, and the travel industry, in particular, is suffering thanks to rising input costs. How can travel companies keep their costs under control and maintain their margins?

The pandemic has shown more than ever the importance of working together with partners. This stream looks at the integration of proprietary systems, APIs and collaboration

A successful business needs to know when to reinvent itself. Understand how the travel industry is changing and how to manage that internally.

The WTTC says there are more than 1.2 million unfilled vacancies in travel. How can we find new people and the right people to fill these jobs and then keep them?

⭐NEW FOR 2024

Speakers will share knowledge, challenges, and sustainable initiatives, enabling you to become more responsible and understand how to contribute to a greener future.

Travel volumes are nearly back to pre-pandemic levels, but travel companies still need to know where to find new customers. This stream looks at loyalty, travel trends, new markets and improving conversion