• A guide’s best friend: Mobile for escorted tour operators

    20 Feb 2018 Words by Marcos Isaac, SVP Sales & Marketing
    Recently at an industry event I got chatting to a director of an escorted tour operator. We chatted about the business challenges his company face, the amazing trips they offer and of course, I had to ...
  • Top 3 Uses of Applied AI in Travel that will Change the Industry

    19 Feb 2018 Words by Andy Owen Jones, CEO bd4travel GmbH
    Artificial intelligence (AI) applications for the travel industry are becoming increasingly complex and valuable. Travel businesses need to define how they want to use AI to best serve their users and ...
  • Why a "less is more" approach to distribution can pay off

    15 Feb 2018 Gino Engels, co-founder and chief commercial officer, OTA Insight
    When it comes to managing distribution, it can seem counter-intuitive for hotels to adopt a ‘less is more’ strategy. However, if certain channels aren’t performing as effectively as others, it could b ...
  • Getting the channel distribution balancing act right

    14 Feb 2018 Rupert Gutteridge, sales and marketing director, Guestline
    ‘Time is money’ goes the saying that sometimes feels as if it rules the world. Businesses everywhere are trying to achieve more, in less time, and for less cost. When it comes to effectively managing ...
  • Quick Guide to Mobile Keyless Entry

    13 Feb 2018 Brian Shedd, VP Sales & Marketing, Open Key
    We live in an era of instant gratification where staying ahead of the curve is more important than ever. Mobile keyless entry is no longer limited to Hilton, Starwood and Marriott; it’s arriving acros ...
  • Hotel tech trends transforming the guest experience in 2018

    12 Feb 2018 Richard Valtr, Managing Director at Mews Systems,
    Every year, the colour experts at the Pantone Colour Institute read the proverbial tea leaves and proclaim a colour of the year. For those that missed it, this year it’s Pantone 18-3838, also known as ...
  • GDPR in Travel: The Opportunity

    08 Feb 2018 Paul Stephen, CEO, Sagittarius
    With the regulation deadline fast approaching there is lots of discussion around what brands need to be doing next to cleanse their data and improve compliance. This has created a wave of panic within ...
  • Growth strategies for your vacation rental business should be rooted in data, not luck

    06 Feb 2018 Gabrielle Retcho, Content Marketing Strategist, AirDNA.
    Market fluctuations in the vacation rental industry causes huge shifts in the industry’s investability, leaving would-be investors with questions like: where are the best locations for short-term rent ...
  • Five Superpowers of a Successful Revenue Manager

    05 Feb 2018 Christina Niessen, member of the sales and marketing team at Fairmas GmbH
    The hospitality industry has greatly progressed to adapt to today’s highly dynamic environment of increasing market competition, continuously rising costs and quickly changing demand created by guests ...