• Managed Cyber Security Services

    24 Jun 2022 Telesoft Technologies
    With 39% of UK businesses having identified a cyber attack in the last 12 months (NCSC), it is essential that organisations have a solid strategy in place to protect their network.  
  • Cruises Booking Engine Prices

    20 Jun 2022 TravelCompositor
    Prices and conditions of our unique Cruises Booking Engine.
  • TravelC MASTER and TravelC ALL IN

    20 Jun 2022 TravelCompositor
    Meet our two models that will take your company to the future!
  • All You Need to Know

    16 Jun 2022 John Brouillette
    Download our FREE brochure and learn Everything You Need To Know about why eRoam is the complete toolkit for travel businesses.
  • penguin Automation in travel industry using Travel Accounting and ERP Features

    03 Jun 2022 PenGuin The Shop For Travel Back office Solutions
    Penguin is the #1 Travel Mid/Back Office/ERP/CRM solution. Our technology is widely used by Leisure & Corporate travel businesses.
  • Cytric Easy for Microsoft Outlook

    23 May 2022 Cytric by Amadeus
  • Cytric Easy for Microsoft Teams

    23 May 2022 Cytric by Amadeus
  • "Lemax allows us to be more efficient, make fewer mistakes, spend less time on administration, and focus more on the content and connections to our advisers." - Mattej Valencic, Founding Partner
  • "We have a reservation system that we can trust again!" Hannah-Jane Ellery, Group Project Manager